Former corporate hoteliers who broke free to pursue their own style of hospitality, Ian and Christa Taylor now own three hotels, Homewood, The Bird and Bishopstrow.

This dynamic troupe of properties make up Kaleidoscope Hotels.

With an eye for eclectic designs and a mantra of ‘luxury for the curious,’ Ian and Christa have become champions of embracing the different and distinct.

Each hotel is a visual feast, a fascinating fusion of unique artworks and quirky designs.

Talking about his inspiration when planning a new room, Ian said:

One of the things I think carefully about is what will it feel like in that space. What are the colours to create that feeling? It’s easy to decorate a room in a beigey neutral and the more colour you use you’re more at risk – it’s safer to stay neutral. But who wants to be safe?”

And it’s this attitude for being unique; daring to challenge the status quo, reaching beyond the expected, that also lies at the heart of the hotel team too.

Kaleidoscope is all about not being beigey neutral. It’s about being colourful and wearing your personality with pride.

This is our story.

  • THE JOY of
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